choosing electric shaver

How To Choose An Electric Shaver

The electric shave has become very main stream and is in all reality the most popular way to shave. This is because using an electric shave is much easier and faster than using a conventional straight razor or even a cartridge razor. Electric shavers are great because they are most often battery powered and can be recharged, don’t require shaving cream, provide for a close shave, and almost never require the blades to be replaced. For anybody out there who is interested in using an electric shaver, but doesn’t know which one to get, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. Today we are here to talk about how to choose an electric shaver that is right for you.

Rotary Versus Foil

choose electric shaverThe two main types of electric shavers are rotary razors and foil razors, each being ideal for specific things. Foil razors are great for long sweeping motions up and down the neck. Their most notable feature is that they are better for men with sensitive skin that is prone to irritation. On the other hand, men with tougher skin can definitely handle a rotary razor, that being one with 3 sets of circular blades. Rotary razors are better for getting a close shave because they tend to move with differing facial features and stay closer to the skin than foil razors.

Your Skin Type

One thing to keep in mind when choosing an electric shaver is the type of skin that you have, especially if it is sensitive and prone to irritation. If you don’t have sensitive skin you may be better off getting a rotary style electric razor. On the other hand, foil shavers are usually considered to be less harsh, cause less irritation, and are better for sensitive skin in general. On a side note, using the right shaving technique in regards to the particular razor you have, as well as the use of pre-shaving products to prepare your skin can also make shaving with an electric shaver much easier and more comfortable.

The Power Source

The net consideration that you should keep in mind when purchasing a new electric shaver is what the power source is like. Generally speaking there are three main different types of power sources for electric razors, those being rechargeable, battery, or the plug in version. Those that plug into an electricity socket are the most reliable because they never need to be recharged, but they do require access to a power socket. On the other hand, battery powered electric shavers are much more portable, but they also require the batteries to be changed often. The most versatile of these is the rechargeable shave because it has rechargeable batteries on the inside and uses a power station that plugs into the wall to recharge. The rechargeable type can often be used for several shaves before they need to be recharged.

Wet Versus Dry Shaving

Another consideration to keep in mind is whether you would prefer to do a wet or dry shave. Most people prefer to dry shave because it removes the need for water, thus being a lot cleaner and less messy, not to mention that you don’t need a sink and can do it pretty much everywhere. On the other hand you can also get electric shavers that are waterproof which means that they can be used to shave in the shower or to wet shave. Of course an advantage of this is that wet shaving may be slightly better for sensitive skin. Keep in mind that many electric shavers can be used for both wet and dry shaving.


Something else that should be kept in mind before buying an electric shaver is what the reviews of the particular razor that you are looking at are like. It’s a good idea to see what other people have to say as to its ease of use, portability, and its efficacy when it comes to providing for a close shave. Keep in mind that some people can be overly harsh or rewarding when they write product reviews so it’s a good idea to read five or ten of them to get a good overview of the product which you are looking at.

The Brand & Price

Now this is more your own personal preference than anything else. Some people like Braun, some like Philips, and some like any number of other brands; the choice is yours to figure out. The same thing goes for the price. That being said, you don’t need the most expensive one because after a certain price point there is no difference, but you also don’t want the cheapest models because they won’t work as well and will probably break down after a short amount of time.