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Braun Series 9 Review

Being a man means having hair grow out of your face and that is the reason we chose to do a Braun Series 9 Review. Some men love it because it means that you can grow a beard, while others don’t really like it because it means having to shave on a daily basis. Shaving all of the time can be a real hassle because it involves spending a lot of time in front of the mirror trying not to cut your face with a blade. It’s something that most men would rather not waste their time with, but unfortunately it’s one of those necessary evils that we all have to go through. That is why we are here today, to do a Braun Series 9 review.

braun series 9 reviewFinding the right shaving utensil is not as easy as you may think because there are so many options to choose from. Sure you could use the conventional cartridge razor, a straight razor, or even a safety razor, but they just can’t do everything that an electric razor like the Braun Series 9-9095cc can do. The Braun Series 9 is definitely the best choice out there for both wet and dry shaving, for having an easily cleaned and recharged device, plus they are great for sculpting a great beard too.

Braun Series 9-9095cc Review: The Features

The Braun Series 9-9095cc has a great number of features which make it one of the best wet and dry shaving utensils on the market today, hence why we chose to do a Braun Series 9 review. All of the advantages that come along with using this electric shaver will leave you wondering why you ever used anything else.

Self-Cleaning – One of our favorite parts when it comes to the Braun Series 9 is that it has a fantastic self-cleaning function. Most razors require a fair amount of maintenance to keep them clean and in pristine condition, but that is not the case with the Braun Series 9-9095cc because it does it all by itself. It comes with an advanced charging stand that doubles as a cleaning tool. All you need to do is to place the Braun Series 9 in the stand, press the button, and let it do its thing. Once you press the button it automatically cleans and lubricates the shaver, plus it dries it too. Every time you go to use the Braun Series 9 it is ready to go.

Sterilized Clean – Not only does the Braun Series 9-9095cc come with an automatic cleaning and charging stand, but it is one of the only cleaning systems that uses a 5 step alcohol bases sanitization system. Every time you go to use the Braun Series 9 you know that it is as clean as can be.

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Cordless–Another great aspect when it comes to the Braun Series 9-9095cc is that it is cordless. It features a built in rechargeable battery so you don’t need to have it plugged in to do all of your shaving. Simply take it out of the charging stand and turn it on to begin shaving.

It’s really convenient because there isn’t always a cord in the way. Then to charge it all you have you need to do is to place it in the special charging stand. The Braun Series 9 can give you several hours of shaving action off of one charge, so even if you don’t have the charge with you, you will be able to shave for several weeks before running out of battery power.

Advanced Foil–The Braun Series 9-9095cc is an advanced foil shaver that provides you with an exceptionally close shave every time. Those stubborn hairs aren’t a problem because the 40,000 cross cutting actions per minute that the Braun Series 9 provides are more than enough to cut away every last single hair that stands in your way. This type of electric razor is fantastic because all it takes is 1 pass over any area to remove all beard hairs. The foil head is also designed to smoothly move along the contours of your face so it can get as many hairs as possible

Ergonomic Design–The Braun Series 9 is designed with comfort in mind. It was built with the perfect shape to fit any hand and provide for a clean and quick shave. The handle fits in your hand really well, making slips or dropping the Braun Series 9 a thing of the past. Comfort is important when you are shaving and that isn’t something that Braun forgot.

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Independent Shaving Heads – One of the best features that we want to talk about in this Braun Series 9 reviews is the fact that this electric razor has 4 independent foil heads. Each of these foil heads moves in a slightly different way and they each cut in a slightly different direction.

This means that no matter which way your facial hair grows, when you pass over them with the Braun Series 9-9095cc, they will all get cut off with ease. The Braun Series 9 will provide you with a clean shave in one single pass and that helps to reduce redness, itchiness, and irritation too.

Wet And Dry Shaving – No Matter if you prefer wet or dry shaving because the Braun Series 9 can do them both. You can use it to do a quick dry shave before you go to work or you can take a little longer to get a clean wet shave before that big date. Being wet shaving enabled means that you can even take the Braun Series 9 into the shower with you.

Braun Series 9-9095cc Review: The Customer Reviews

Another reason that we chose to do a Braun Series 9 review is because it has so many great customer comments and reviews. People have apparently been extremely happy with this electric razor, with most people saying that they would never choose another razor again. Several customers have mentioned that The Braun Series 9 shavers are the best out there and that the 9095cc is the best of the best.

Another satisfied customer really liked the fact that the Braun Series 9 9095cc is chrome plated. He said that the look of the shaver is really nice and matches everything in his bathroom really well.

The thing that people were the most impressed with is the cleaning station that this electric shaver comes with. Everyone was really pleased with the fact that it barely takes any work to keep the Braun Series 9 clean and charged too.

The other thing that people really loved is that it provides for a really close shave with minimal effort, this reducing the need to make multiple passes.


Now comes the time in the Braun Series 9 review when we talk about all of the pros that come with electric razor as well as some of the cons too.

  • Features a self-cleaning station with alcohol based sanitizer.
  • Cleaning station doubles as a charging station.
  • Fully charged battery provides for hours of shaving action.
  • No need for a cord or for battery replacements.
  • 4 independent shaving heads provide for a clean shave every time.
  • Handle is ergonomically friendly for easy use.
  • Well balanced.
  • Durable, rugged, and built to last a lifetime.
  • Wet and dry shaving capabilities.


  • Could be a little smaller and more compact.
  • Shaving heads tend to get dull fairly quickly.
  • Quite expensive.

The Braun Series 9 Review Summary

In this Braun Series 9 review we talked about all of the great features that come with this electric razor, what the pros and cons are, plus what the customers said too. The bottom line is that this is one of the best electric razors out there. It charges itself, cleans itself, has 4 independent moving heads, provides for a really close shave in one single pass, and it’s ergonomic design makes it really comfortable to use as well. When it comes to electric razors there is really no better way to go than with the Braun Series 9-9095cc.

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