Norelco Powertouch AT830

Pocket-Friendly and Powerful Norelco Powertouch Shavers

There is a great deal of options of shavers available everywhere, but if you are looking for top quality products, Norelco Powertouch shavers should be on top of your list. The shavers are manufactured by Philips, a well-trusted, multi-awarded and eco-conscious company so you know you are in good hands. Norelco Powertouch shavers are revolutionary tools that make your shaving routine faster and more convenient. They have simple structure and are easy to operate.

There are plenty of things you have to spend for so it would not be wise to spend more than you have to just for a piece of shaver. All models of the Norelco Powertouch shavers are reasonably priced and comparatively lower than other shavers with similar features in the market.

There are three different products included in the product series. Each has a unique feature suited for every personality and necessity. Compare the Norelco Powertouch shavers below and see the best for you.

Philips Norelco AT830

Norelco Powertouch Shavers

Speed and comfort are the top qualities of Philips Norelco AT830. The shaver is equipped with pivot, flex and float technology which allows the head to remain close to the skin for time efficient shaving. Hairs of different lengths are easily removed because of its dual precision. No need to worry hurting your skin even without shaving foam since it has AquaTec system allowing a safe and comfortable shave, with or without shaving gel. The shaver is waterproof so you can use it while having a shower. You can store it in the bathroom without worries.

You can enjoy a clean shave for a longer time thanks to these Norelco Powertouch shavers’ patented super lift and cut dual-blade mechanism. It painlessly cuts hair beneath the skin. The razor also has pop-up trimmers to make sure sideburns, mustache, and other hairy parts are fully covered. The trimmers return back down when not in use.


  1. Less skin irritation. This shaver is a good option for men who have sensitive skin. It shaves the skin without leaving cuts or razor burns.
  2. Quiet shaving. Unlike other noisy electric razors, the motor of this shaver operates in a quiet manner.
  3. Lightweight and comfortable to hold. It is convenient to shave because it is light and provides good grip. The weight is ideal for frequent travelers.
  4. Washable. Germs cannot easily proliferate since the shaver is washable. It also prolongs the life of the razor. All parts are fully washable for easy cleaning.
  5. Fast-charging. No need to wait long when the battery dies. It takes only 3 minutes to charge for 1 round of shaving and 8 hours to have it fully charged. A full battery lasts up to 50 minutes of shaving time.
  6. Easy maintenance and lasts long. Just clean it properly, you only need to replace the head every year.


  1. There is no battery meter. It can be hard to predict how long the battery will last without a meter. A light flashes though to warn you if the battery is about to drain.
  2. The razor cannot operate while plugged. If you need to shave on a rush and the battery is empty, you’re out of luck.
  3. There is no travel pouch and charging stand. The package doesn’t come with these handy accessories.

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Philips Norelco At810

norelco powertouch AT810
The Philips Norelco At810 provides flawless and safe shave in wet or dry conditions. It comes with DualPrecision system to tackle any length of beard, mustache or sideburns. The mechanism is so efficient in making sure that the shave is even.  It has Flex and Float mechanism so the heads go along with the form of your face which leads to closer and faster shave. There is minimal or even no skin irritation because of its Skin Protection System. It also has a pop-up trimmer for moustaches and sideburns. This model is handy and easy to move around. The packaging consists of the electric shaver, a cleaning brush, protection cap, and charger.


  1. Cheaper. You spend less compared to buying cartridge shavers.
  2. Provides less irritation. Unlike ordinary razors, this model is ideal for users with sensitive skin.
  3. It is fully washable and easy to clean. You can just run it over tap water and it’s clean.
  4. The battery pack is lightweight and long lasting. One fully charged battery can last or one week.
  5. It cuts very close. The result is cleaner and better because of its close shaving.
  6. It operates quietly. If the noise of other shavers is an issue for you, then Norelco Powertouch shavers are perfect for you.


  1. Replacement heads are expensive.
  2. The battery pack cannot be repaired once destroyed.

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Philips Norelco PT730 PowerTouch

norelco powertouch pt730
The Philips Norelco PT730 PowerTouch shaver has DualPrecision cutting technology to powerfully trim short or long facial hair. It has integrated pop up trimmer for better styling. The rubber handle provides an easy and comfortable grip.  A fully charged battery lasts 45 minutes shaving time. The display indicates battery low, battery full and charging status. It is fully washable with a quick rinse chamber. It has a powerful motor and it is very portable.


  1. Painless shaving time. There is no pulling or tugging of hair while you are shaving.
  2. It is lightweight and it has low noise. It is easy to handle since it is lightweight without producing irritating sounds.
  3. It does close shave with minimal effort. You do not need to do many strokes to get the result you want.
  4. Great value for money. It does great work without hurting your wallet.
  5. You can shave while charging; thus saving precious time. This is ideal for men who are always on the go.


  1. It doesn’t work well with thick facial hair. This shaver is great if you regularly shave, but it’s not the best option for heavy beard and mustache.
  2. They are not that attractive in terms of appearance.
  3. It takes some time before you get used to it. You may not be able to get the hang of it immediately. You may need to give some extra effort for a week.

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Norelco Powertouch shavers provide quick and clean shave at an affordable cost. All models in the series provide a close shave with less irritation. They are all lightweight and easy to maneuver. They also operate quietly. Norelco Powertouch shavers all work great in wet and dry conditions. These makes you save money because you do not need to buy shaving cream. There is no problem, though if you are more comfortable shaving with foams; it’s all up to your preference. Unlike razors with disposable blades, these series lessen the cost, trash and waste of time from replacing blades.

Two among the Norelco Powertouch shavers, Philips Norelco AT830 and Philips Norelco At810 cannot operate while plugged on but it only takes 3 minutes charging time to power up for one shave. They do not come with accessories like charging stand and travel pouch.

At a lower price compared to other electric razors, Norelco Powertouch shavers provide more benefits compared to its little inconveniences. They are way better compared to disposable razors and costs just right compared to top notch electric razors with skyrocketing price.

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