braun series 9 vs norelco 8900

Best Foil Shavers for 2017

For anybody who uses an electric shaver, one of the questions you may have is What are the best foil shavers I can buy?  Well the answer to that question is pretty simple and based on a few specific features that foil shavers have or should have we were able to compile a list of the 4 best foil shavers that can be found on the market today. If you aren’t quite sure which model to get you should really read our review of the top foil shavers out there. Let’s get started.

Braun Series 9 990cc

best foil shaversThe first option in this list of best foil shavers is the Braun Series 9 990-cc. It truly has some fantastic features that make it stand out from the rest. First off Braun is the number one electric shaving brand in the world because they make some really fantastic products, not to mention that this model is the official shaver of the NFL.

The Braun Series 9 features Intelligent SynchroSonic Technology which means that it synergizes 4 different specially designed cutting heads which all move in slightly different ways and attack facial hair from various angles in order to cut as much hair as possible and get a very close shave. Also when it comes to being comfortable the Braun Series 9 is great because it features an ergonomically designed handle that fits well into most people’s hands.

Also the quadruple action cutting technology makes this model very versatile and able to adapt to different facial contours very easily and it also has more than 40,000 cross cutting actions per minute which means that it can cut every type of hair and it does it very quickly.

Another thing that is really great about this particular model is that it comes with its own cleaning station that uses water to flush out old hairs so you don’t even have to clean it yourself. Of course the fact that the Braun Series 9 can be used for wet and dry shaving is another huge benefit too because it lets you choose between quick convenience and the reduction of skin irritation.


  • Wet and dry shaving capabilities.
  • Provides for a close shave.
  • Can remove all types of hair.
  • Ergonomically designed handle.
  • Reduces skin irritation.


  • Quite expensive.
  • Cleaning station requires a power outlet.


When it comes to the best foil shavers this is definitely one of the top choices for everyone to go with. Patented technology provides for a close shave, it can remove all kinds of hair, it’s comfortable to use and the cleaning stations makes it convenient to use and easy to clean.

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Braun Series 7 790 cc

Braun Series 7 790The next option on this list of best foil shavers gives our first choice a run for its money because the Braun 790 cc has some really great features that will suit everyone’s needs. Perhaps our favorite feature is the fact that there are 3 personalization modes which makes this model great for both sensitive and tough skin, not to mention that this model can be used for both wet and dry shaving.

Another great feature is the rechargeable battery that takes just 1 hour to charge and can then provide for up to 50 minutes of shaving power. Also charging is easily done thanks to the cleaning station which automatically cleans the Braun 790 using water and also recharges the battery at the same time. The cleaning station is convenient because it cleans, charges, and maintains the shaver all in one go.

Something else about the Braun 790 cc that is fantastic is that it comes with its own precision long hair trimmer which is great for styling beards, side burns, as well as moustaches.

Furthermore this foil shaver also features a few different types of technology that make shaving easy, comfortable, and quick. Patented technologies such as Intelligent Pulsonic Technology, OptiFoil, and ActiveLift Technology means that the Braun 790 puts out over 10,000 vibrations per minute which easily attract and capture facial hairs, even the flat hairs. Plus the adaptive contour shaving head can move around to adapt to the different contours of your face and to get to those hard to reach places like your jaw line and neck.


  • Cleaning station doubles as a charger.
  • Fantastic battery life.
  • Raises flat hairs for a closer and more effective shave.
  • Pulsating vibrations attract hairs to provide for a close shave.
  • Contour adjustment technology makes shaving all parts of your face easy.
  • Comes with a long hair trimming and styling tool.
  • Wet and dry shaving.


  • Requires cleaning fluids and oils.
  • Quite expensive.


When it comes to the best foil shavers you can’t go wrong with the Braun 790 cc. It can lift hairs for a close shave, the vibrations attract even more hairs, and the contour adjusting shaving heads make sure that all of them get cut off quickly. It comes with a cleaning station, has great battery life, and can be used for both wet and dry shaving, with the only drawback being that it is fairly expensive.

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Panasonic ES-LV-95 Arc 5

Panasonic ES LV 95Panasonic makes some really quality products and their ESLV-95 Arc 5 is quite possibly one of the best foil shavers on the market today. One of the best features it has is the active shave sensor which notices differences in beard density and will adjust its power output accordingly which makes shaving with it quite comfortable and easy.

Another great feature of the Panasonic Arc 5 is the patented shaving system that has 5 nanotech blades that are very small, sharp, and angled at a 30 degree incline to provide for a very close and effective shave right down to the root of your facial hair every time. The blades move at an incredible 14,000 cycles per minute which means that it has a ton of cutting power and speed.

The Arc 5 also has a patented Multi-Flex pivoting head that adjust for the specific facial features of all and is perfect for getting those hard to reach areas like the neck, jaw line, and the cheeks too. For those long hairs and for styling beards and side burns it also comes with a precision styling tool and long hair trimmer. Plus the Lift-Tech foil head also makes sure to lift up flat facial hair and to capture hairs growing in the opposite direction hairs to provide for an even closer shave.

This model is great for both wet and dry shaving, plus it also comes with its own cleaning station that uses water pulses to remove old hairs from the blades. The cleaning station also charges the Arc 5 at the same time and has a battery life of 45 minutes. This model is also preferred by many because it has a universal voltage adaptor and travel pouch that makes it great for travelers.


  • Great for wet and dry shaving.
  • Comes with a cleaning and recharging station.
  • More powerful than most other foil shavers.
  • Great for convenience.
  • Flat and backwards growing hairs are easily cut.


  • Not ideal for sensitive skin.
  • Won’t suit a low budget.
  • Battery life is shorter than most other foil shaver models.


While this particular foil shaver is quite expensive, it does have some great features which make it an all around good buy. It’s one of the best foil shavers out there because it provides for the closest shave possible, it’s easily cleaned with the charging/cleaning station, and it’s more than ideal for travel.

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Panasonic ES-LT71-S Arc 3

panasonic ES-LT71-S arc 3Regarding the best foil shavers on the market today, the Panasonic ES-LT71-S Arc 3 is definitely a top choice and it has many features which earn it one of the highest spots on our list. One of these great features is the flexible pivoting head that adjust for contour changes on the face to make more a much closer shave.

The flexible head is complimented by the 3 independently floating blades that hug the skin to get rid of as much hair as possible. Plus the 30 degree nanotech stainless steel blades cut hair off right at the root for smooth skin after every shave.

Another big bonus is that the blades of the Arc 3 are hypoallergenic which is fantastic for people with sensitive skin and for reducing irritation. On that same not this particular model can be used both for wet and dry shaving, wet shaving of course being great for people with sensitive skin; it’s the best of both worlds. Of course this model is also washable and can simply be put under some running water.

Another reason as to why the Panasonic Arc 3 is one of the top choices is because it cuts with 13,000 cycles per minute which makes it faster and more powerful than most other options and that means less tugging and less time spent shaving. The next big time saver is the groomer and styling attachment that this model comes with which is great for styling beards, moustaches, and side burns.


  • Hypoallergenic blades are ideal for sensitive skin.
  • High powered motor provides for a fast and tug-free shave.
  • Easily washed with water.
  • LCD displays battery life of the shaver.
  • Comes with a travel pouch.
  • Wet and dry shaving capabilities.
  • Fairly inexpensive.
  • Ideal for sensitive skin.


  • Doesn’t come with a cleaning station.
  • Stand not included.


This is one of the best foil shavers out there, both because it has some great features and because the price is very reasonable. It’s great for various different types of beards, cuts better and faster than most other foil shavers, and it won’t cost you a fortune either.

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